Water Damage Photo Gallery

flood cut on wall at 2 feet, removed floor planks

Water Demolition in St. Lucie West

the leak in the wall has been repaired in this St. Lucie West community house. The controlled demolition by SERVPRO minimized the water damage with rapid removal and drying. We even salvaged some of the wood floorings.

rusty, leaking water heater

Fort Pierce Water Heater Leak

This water heater in a Fort Pierce house leaked from the effects of rusting. SERVPRO recommends always placing a safety tray under the appliance to prevent staining and wetting the floors. We can vacuum up the water and remove the water heater for our customers.

beige carpet, paneled walls, air movers

Fort Pierce Water Damage Mitigation

This manufactured home in Fort Pierce was the victim of a burst water line in the crawlspace, which seeped up into the subfloor and carpet. SERVPRO arrived, vacuumed up the water, and proceeded to dry the water-damaged affected area with air movers and a dehumidifier. Our fast service rescued potential harm to the wall paneling.

cut out green carpet showing concrete flooring

Port St. Lucie Water Damage to a Carpet

The removed carpet was not salvageable, so our SERVPRO techs cut it out to dry the concrete pad and save the walls and contents. We can monitor the drying process with a moisture meter to ensure that the concrete is dry to standard levels. We can help, just give us a call to minimize the water damage to your Port St. Lucie property.

water damage, hole in ceiling by the wall

Port St Lucie Ceiling Leak

The visible water damage caused by a leaking pipe can be restored by our SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians. We can remove several ceiling tiles, dry the above void, and spray an antimicrobial agent. Once dry, we can replace the damaged area with new material.

Removed ceiling panels showing beams and duct

Port St Lucie Ceiling Leak

The water soaked into the sheetrock ceiling and required a controlled demolition. Our SERVPRO crew responded to the Port St Lucie property and soon discarded the demolition material, dried the attic void of excess moisture, and prepared to close up the ceiling.