Commercial Photo Gallery

Drying equipment in a long corridor, no baseboards

Port St. Lucie Commercial Water Damage

The water damage in this Port St. Lucie first-floor office was quickly mitigated by SERVPRO's rapid deployment of crew and equipment. We vacuumed up the water from the hallway carpet, removed the baseboards to access and dry the wall voids. Our equipment, pictured in the corridor, is expediting the drying process.

water covering tiled floor in a restroom

St. Lucie West Flooded Restroom

The ruptured supply line in this St. Lucie West commercial restroom covered the floor with about an inch of clean water. SERVPRO arrived soon after the call and promptly set up water extraction equipment and several dryers to restore this restroom to its preloss condition. We understand the need for a rapid response with minimal disruption.

water on mailroom floor, litter newspapers and more

Fort Pierce Mailroom Flooding

Recent storms flooded the back sorting room in this Fort Pierce Post Office. The rapid response from our SERVPRO team can quickly relocate content and equipment even as we begin the water extraction. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

water on the pad, pvc plumbing, large un its for a/c

Port St Lucie Water Cleanup

The mechanical room of this condo in Port St. Lucie suffered a line leak that covered the floor and equipment with water. SERVPRO responded quickly to extract the pooling water, secure the PVC damage, and dry out the entire area. We are here, 24/7 to help with emergency water removal service.

water damaged ceiling tiles, the light fixture and a/c vent

Port St. Lucie West Roof Leak

The damaged roof after a rainstorm was quickly closed temporarily with a blue tarp by our SERVPRO team. Our Port St. Lucie West client was pleased with our fast response, thus mitigating the water damage to the acoustic drop-down ceiling tiles. We can dry the void and then replace the damaged tiles.

three dehus, boards leaning on wall

St Lucie West Water Removal

The three dehumidifiers are working on completing the drying of this room in a daycare establishment in St Lucie West. During the remodel, a pipe was pierced, causing a spew of water onto the carpet. Fast SERVPRO service mitigated the water damage.