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SERVPRO Salvages Fire Damaged Port St. Lucie Residence

The soot, heat, and water from the extinguishing efforts left this house in Port St. Lucie in a messy and fire-damaged condition. SERVPRO FST fire and smoke dam... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Water Mitigation

Our SERVPRO crew responded within hours of the call from this Port St. Lucie homeowner. The flat roof leaked during a rainstorm and soaked the joists and ceilin... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in St. Lucie West

This condo unit in St. Lucie West was unoccupied during the summer months. The owners set the thermostat to high and the heat and humidity generated sufficient ... READ MORE

Big Box Fire and Smoke Restoration in St. Lucie West

This large retail store in St. Lucie West experienced vandalism by fire. The trash in the restroom was lit, and the sooty deposits are visible, as shown in the ... READ MORE

Tropical Storm Damage in St. Lucie West

The high winds from the tropical storm lifted the roof and damaged the attic, ceiling, and kitchen in this St. Lucie West residence. Upon arrival, We're Faster ... READ MORE

Restoring an Unwanted Fire from the Fireplace in this Port St Lucie Home

One of the risks of having fireplaces installed in our Florida community where operating them does not happen often is the possibility of buildup in the flues t... READ MORE

Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The tub in the bathroom at the top of the stairs overflowed and soaked the carpeting ash shown in the Before Photo. The homeowner wished to replace this tired m... READ MORE

Utility Room Mold and Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The mold growth on the walls and laminated flooring resulted from a water leak from the washing machine that was close to the water heater. Our SERVPRO team of ... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage in a Port St. Lucie Commercial Building

The water leak behind the sinks in this Port St. Lucie restroom was noticed by the store manager, who then called in our SERVPRO crew to mitigate the water dama... READ MORE

Cleaning Up This Flooded St Lucie West Dining Room

During a severe weather event impacting the city, the homeowner here inadvertently left a window open to their dining room. The torrential rainfall flowed into ... READ MORE