Recent Before & After Photos

Port St. Lucie Roof Leak

This thrift shop in Port St. Lucie suffered water damage caused by a failed roof. Our SERVPRO crew responded to the call, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, wit... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Water Damage

Floodwaters can cause extreme damage to homes in the Port St. Lucie area. Linger time on porous surfaces like wood trim, drywall, and laminated flooring dictate... READ MORE

Devastating House Fire in Port St. Lucie

Most house fires can be quickly extinguished, causing damage to a structure without the need for demolition. The Before Photo illustrates a kitchen in Port St. ... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Roof Leak

The rainwater soaked the drywall paneling in the ceiling of this St. Lucie residence. The hanging water damaged paint layer and sagging sheetrock can pose a saf... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in a Port St. Lucie Garage

The Before Photo depicts the blackish-looking mold growing on surfaces in this Port St. Lucie garage. Most of these areas are not air-conditioned, meaning that ... READ MORE

St. Lucie West Water Leak

The leak in the ceiling of this Elder Care facility in St. Lucie West was caused by a split PEX line in the attic. The water seeped through the ceiling panels a... READ MORE

St. Lucie West Storm Event

The Before Photo illustrates the water damage caused by the hole punched in the roof of this St. Lucie West home. The cement tiles lifted from the roof along wi... READ MORE

SERVPRO Salvages Fire Damaged Port St. Lucie Residence

The soot, heat, and water from the extinguishing efforts left this house in Port St. Lucie in a messy and fire-damaged condition. SERVPRO FST fire and smoke dam... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Water Mitigation

Our SERVPRO crew responded within hours of the call from this Port St. Lucie homeowner. The flat roof leaked during a rainstorm and soaked the joists and ceilin... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in St. Lucie West

This condo unit in St. Lucie West was unoccupied during the summer months. The owners set the thermostat to high and the heat and humidity generated sufficient ... READ MORE