Fire Damage Photo Gallery

hanging insulation, burned, mess on bed and book unit

Fire Damage in a Port St. Lucie Bedroom

The hanging burnt insulation and sheetrock resulted from an electrical short becoming a fire that significantly damaged this Port St. Lucie room. The SERVPRO team can remove all the charred debris to provide a safe working environment and then restore and build back the bedroom and above attic crawlspace.

burn marks on washing machine in garage

Fort Pierce Appliance Fire Cleanup

The short in this washing machine in a Fort Pierce garage required cleanup and removal of some debris absent any demolition. We ventilated the garage with axial fans to direct the odors from the fire to the exterior. We can clean up the mess, "Like it never even happened."

charred ceiling and attic by side door

Fire Damaged Home in Fort Pierce

The outside BBQ fire resulted in the burned exterior of this Fort Pierce house. The SERVPRO team can demolish the charred building elements, remove the debris, deodorize and prepare the structure for reconstruction. Call us for a complete cleanup to build back service.

burned and melted washing machine, burned clothing and flooring

Port St Lucie Fire Damage

The electrical fire resulted in the damage depicted in this Port St. Lucie utility area. SERVPRO can remove and discard the damaged appliance and cabinets in a controlled demolition. We must clear all non-salvageable materials before we can remediate the fire damage.

burned out garage, black debris

Fire Damaged Garage in Port St. Lucie

The charred contents and building materials in this Port St. Lucie garage must be removed by SERVPRO techs before the restoration service can begin. We attempt to mitigate the fire and smoke damage with rapid collecting and discarding of all non-salvageable items.

fire debris on the floor of hallway

Port St. Lucie House Fire Cleanup

The hallway in this Port St. Lucie home illustrates the extensive fire damage. The attic fire meant that SERVPRO technicians removed the above ceiling in this hallway. The risk of falling debris and the effort to mitigate the smoke damage was the goal. All fire-damaged materials get bagged and discarded.