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LGR draining water into a large sink

St. Lucie West Water Damage Help

The water from a leaking pipe under the sink was removed by SERVPRO's rapid response to this St. Lucie West homeowner. We fixed the fitting and set up an LGR low grain refrigerant dehumidifier to restore comfortable indoor ambiance. By removing excess moisture we also protect household electronics from damage.

Drying equipment in a long corridor, no baseboards

Port St. Lucie Commercial Water Damage

The water damage in this Port St. Lucie first-floor office was quickly mitigated by SERVPRO's rapid deployment of crew and equipment. We vacuumed up the water from the hallway carpet, removed the baseboards to access and dry the wall voids. Our equipment, pictured in the corridor, is expediting the drying process.

tiles uplifted on floor, vinyl type, door open

Port St. Lucie Groundwater Damage

The sudden storm entered the first level of this house in Port St. Lucie, soaked the floors with dirty water, and then receded. The SERVPRO crew worked on removing the muddy debris along with the resilient vinyl tiles (not fabricated with asbestos) to complete the drying and sanitizing before replacing the materials with new flooring.

hanging insulation, burned, mess on bed and book unit

Fire Damage in a Port St. Lucie Bedroom

The hanging burnt insulation and sheetrock resulted from an electrical short becoming a fire that significantly damaged this Port St. Lucie room. The SERVPRO team can remove all the charred debris to provide a safe working environment and then restore and build back the bedroom and above attic crawlspace.

flood cut on wall at 2 feet, removed floor planks

Water Demolition in St. Lucie West

the leak in the wall has been repaired in this St. Lucie West community house. The controlled demolition by SERVPRO minimized the water damage with rapid removal and drying. We even salvaged some of the wood floorings.

dehu, drying mats, in kitcheny

Port St. Lucie Water Recovery

SERVPRO can set up drying mats to salvage resilent tiled flooring in Port St. Lucie homes. We have the expertise and equipment to maximize the results of water damage with minimal disruptions to our customers and their possessions. Why not call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

water covering tiled floor in a restroom

St. Lucie West Flooded Restroom

The ruptured supply line in this St. Lucie West commercial restroom covered the floor with about an inch of clean water. SERVPRO arrived soon after the call and promptly set up water extraction equipment and several dryers to restore this restroom to its preloss condition. We understand the need for a rapid response with minimal disruption.

removed wood flooring planks, painted walls

Flooding in Port St. Lucie

Sudden groundwater intrusion damaged the laminated wood flooring in this Port St Lucie home. Removal and disposal by our SERVPRO technicians show the result in the Photo. We also removed small portions of water-damaged trim work. After drying, we can install new floorboards.

burn marks on washing machine in garage

Fort Pierce Appliance Fire Cleanup

The short in this washing machine in a Fort Pierce garage required cleanup and removal of some debris absent any demolition. We ventilated the garage with axial fans to direct the odors from the fire to the exterior. We can clean up the mess, "Like it never even happened."

rusty, leaking water heater

Fort Pierce Water Heater Leak

This water heater in a Fort Pierce house leaked from the effects of rusting. SERVPRO recommends always placing a safety tray under the appliance to prevent staining and wetting the floors. We can vacuum up the water and remove the water heater for our customers.

black mold on walls

Fort Pierce Mold Damage

This large black mold growth was discovered in the garage of this Fort Pierce property. SERVPRO techs can cut out and remove the damaged wallboard and spray an antifungal product to stop future infestations. Moisture must be controlled to reduce good conducive conditions for infestations. We can help.

water on mailroom floor, litter newspapers and more

Fort Pierce Mailroom Flooding

Recent storms flooded the back sorting room in this Fort Pierce Post Office. The rapid response from our SERVPRO team can quickly relocate content and equipment even as we begin the water extraction. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

hall in school, wet, muddy floors

Port St. Lucie Storm Damage

The muck and water from the flooding affected this school in Port St. Lucie. The SERVPRO crew can using pumps, wet/vacs, and squeegees to remove the storm water, clean, and then sanitize the corridor after exposure to contaminated water.

charred ceiling and attic by side door

Fire Damaged Home in Fort Pierce

The outside BBQ fire resulted in the burned exterior of this Fort Pierce house. The SERVPRO team can demolish the charred building elements, remove the debris, deodorize and prepare the structure for reconstruction. Call us for a complete cleanup to build back service.

beige carpet, paneled walls, air movers

Fort Pierce Water Damage Mitigation

This manufactured home in Fort Pierce was the victim of a burst water line in the crawlspace, which seeped up into the subfloor and carpet. SERVPRO arrived, vacuumed up the water, and proceeded to dry the water-damaged affected area with air movers and a dehumidifier. Our fast service rescued potential harm to the wall paneling.

mold stains on drywall and tile

Fort Pierce Mold Remediation

This storage area suffered a mold infestation from poor ventilation leading to excessive moisture. The cardboard drywall and grout material provided the food source for the spores to germinate and develop into the damage shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can deconstruct the non-salvageable materials and then apply an antifungal agent before closing up the treated areas.

water on the pad, pvc plumbing, large un its for a/c

Port St Lucie Water Cleanup

The mechanical room of this condo in Port St. Lucie suffered a line leak that covered the floor and equipment with water. SERVPRO responded quickly to extract the pooling water, secure the PVC damage, and dry out the entire area. We are here, 24/7 to help with emergency water removal service.

muck on the tile floor after flood

Port St. Lucie Flooding

The sludge from the stormwater intrusion into this Port St. Lucie home is visible on the tile floor. SERVPRO can remove this muck with squeegees, wet/vacs, mops, and buckets. Then we can apply an antimicrobial agent to remove the remaining organisms. We work fast to mitigate the storm damage.

burned and melted washing machine, burned clothing and flooring

Port St Lucie Fire Damage

The electrical fire resulted in the damage depicted in this Port St. Lucie utility area. SERVPRO can remove and discard the damaged appliance and cabinets in a controlled demolition. We must clear all non-salvageable materials before we can remediate the fire damage.

cut out green carpet showing concrete flooring

Port St. Lucie Water Damage to a Carpet

The removed carpet was not salvageable, so our SERVPRO techs cut it out to dry the concrete pad and save the walls and contents. We can monitor the drying process with a moisture meter to ensure that the concrete is dry to standard levels. We can help, just give us a call to minimize the water damage to your Port St. Lucie property.

flood cuts on walls

Port St. Lucie Flood Cuts

The Photo illustrates the professional manner that SERVPRO executes a "flood cut" after water damages walls in a Port St. Lucie home. Neat, precise, with a cut at the 2-foot mark to simplify installing new drywall panels while utilizing the full sheets with no waste. This saves our customers money. We treat your home like our own.

water damaged ceiling tiles, the light fixture and a/c vent

Port St. Lucie West Roof Leak

The damaged roof after a rainstorm was quickly closed temporarily with a blue tarp by our SERVPRO team. Our Port St. Lucie West client was pleased with our fast response, thus mitigating the water damage to the acoustic drop-down ceiling tiles. We can dry the void and then replace the damaged tiles.

flood cut, removed wall section by floor

Flood Damage Repair in Port St. Lucie

The flooding soaked the lower portion of the walls in this Port St. Lucie home. SERVPRO performed "flood cuts" just above the water line to limit the demolition and build back. We can spray an antimicrobial, then dry the insulation and void before installing new sheetrock.

burned out garage, black debris

Fire Damaged Garage in Port St. Lucie

The charred contents and building materials in this Port St. Lucie garage must be removed by SERVPRO techs before the restoration service can begin. We attempt to mitigate the fire and smoke damage with rapid collecting and discarding of all non-salvageable items.

water damage, hole in ceiling by the wall

Port St Lucie Ceiling Leak

The visible water damage caused by a leaking pipe can be restored by our SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians. We can remove several ceiling tiles, dry the above void, and spray an antimicrobial agent. Once dry, we can replace the damaged area with new material.

three dehus, boards leaning on wall

St Lucie West Water Removal

The three dehumidifiers are working on completing the drying of this room in a daycare establishment in St Lucie West. During the remodel, a pipe was pierced, causing a spew of water onto the carpet. Fast SERVPRO service mitigated the water damage.

removed ceiling showing trusses and poly sheeting, white walls

Port St Lucie West Leaking Roof from a Storm

The breach in the roof allowed rainwater to soak the attic and the insulation. SERVPRO arrived, and to mitigate further damage, removed the water-damaged ceiling panels and covered the opening with poly sheeting. We could then focus on drying the attic.

fire debris on the floor of hallway

Port St. Lucie House Fire Cleanup

The hallway in this Port St. Lucie home illustrates the extensive fire damage. The attic fire meant that SERVPRO technicians removed the above ceiling in this hallway. The risk of falling debris and the effort to mitigate the smoke damage was the goal. All fire-damaged materials get bagged and discarded.

green SERVPRO car sitting in front of a warehouse

SERVPRO of Port St. Lucie NE Responds 24/7

Our newest SERVPRO vehicle is on the road. Water and fire emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Our experienced team provides emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can expect a fast response time, day or night. We train our local crews to be restoration experts for residential and commercial projects in Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce and your neighborhood.

Removed ceiling panels showing beams and duct

Port St Lucie Ceiling Leak

The water soaked into the sheetrock ceiling and required a controlled demolition. Our SERVPRO crew responded to the Port St Lucie property and soon discarded the demolition material, dried the attic void of excess moisture, and prepared to close up the ceiling.