Storm Damage Photo Gallery

hall in school, wet, muddy floors

Port St. Lucie Storm Damage

The muck and water from the flooding affected this school in Port St. Lucie. The SERVPRO crew can using pumps, wet/vacs, and squeegees to remove the storm water, clean, and then sanitize the corridor after exposure to contaminated water.

muck on the tile floor after flood

Port St. Lucie Flooding

The sludge from the stormwater intrusion into this Port St. Lucie home is visible on the tile floor. SERVPRO can remove this muck with squeegees, wet/vacs, mops, and buckets. Then we can apply an antimicrobial agent to remove the remaining organisms. We work fast to mitigate the storm damage.

flood cut, removed wall section by floor

Flood Damage Repair in Port St. Lucie

The flooding soaked the lower portion of the walls in this Port St. Lucie home. SERVPRO performed "flood cuts" just above the water line to limit the demolition and build back. We can spray an antimicrobial, then dry the insulation and void before installing new sheetrock.

removed ceiling showing trusses and poly sheeting, white walls

Port St Lucie West Leaking Roof from a Storm

The breach in the roof allowed rainwater to soak the attic and the insulation. SERVPRO arrived, and to mitigate further damage, removed the water-damaged ceiling panels and covered the opening with poly sheeting. We could then focus on drying the attic.