Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooding in Fort Pierce

Tropical storms and hurricanes periodically cause structural and cosmetic damage to some homes in the Fort Pierce and St. Lucie areas. The driving rains soaked ... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Water Damage

Floodwaters can cause extreme damage to homes in the Port St. Lucie area. Linger time on porous surfaces like wood trim, drywall, and laminated flooring dictate... READ MORE

St. Lucie West Storm Event

The Before Photo illustrates the water damage caused by the hole punched in the roof of this St. Lucie West home. The cement tiles lifted from the roof along wi... READ MORE

Tropical Storm Damage in St. Lucie West

The high winds from the tropical storm lifted the roof and damaged the attic, ceiling, and kitchen in this St. Lucie West residence. Upon arrival, We're Faster ... READ MORE

Cleaning Up This Flooded St Lucie West Dining Room

During a severe weather event impacting the city, the homeowner here inadvertently left a window open to their dining room. The torrential rainfall flowed into ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling in Ft Pierce

The large volume of water soaked through the flat roof in this commercial structure in Ft Pierce and caused extensive water damage, as noted in the Before Photo... READ MORE