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How Homeowners Can Benefit from Hiring Mold Removal Companies in Ft. Pierce

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

Got mold? Call SERVPRO! Contact the experts at SERVPRO if you see signs of mold on your property! Just call (772) 266-2350.

Hiring Certified Mold Removal Companies in St. Pierce is the Best Way to Handle Mold Damage

Mold can lead to further property damage if you do not act immediately. If restoration is delayed for more than 24 hours, mold can grow on various surfaces and cause health effects. SERVPRO restorers can save your items, minimize damage, and restore your property within a short period when you contact them immediately. 

As one of the reputable mold removal companies in Ft Pierce, SERVPRO uses various methods to remove mold. One of these methods is using disinfectants to inhibit or slow mold growth. Our team can also use quaternary compounds and chlorine bleach solutions to remediate mold, but not as the first step. Another solution is physically removing the moldy materials. Several factors need to be considered during restoration, such as:

  • Addressing sources of moisture before remediation. 
  • Safety is of utmost importance. SERVPRO uses childproof equipment, but you need to supervise your children to ensure they don't mess with it.
  • You may find that your property becomes drafty from the noise made by our dehumidifiers and air movers. We recommend that you keep the equipment running as long as possible to speed up the drying process.

To clean the environment of mold spores, we can use an air filtration system with multiple filters. If our SERVPRO restorers have contained a small area, we can attach ducts to the equipment to control contaminants. 

Since there may be persisting odors, our restorers can use ventilation box fans to increase air movement in the property and do away with odors. The equipment can also hasten the drying process by increasing evaporation. 

Mold removal requires unique skills and equipment that only professionals have. Contact SERVPRO of Port St. Lucie NE for professional mold removal at (772) 266-2350. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

What Can Mold Damage Experts Provide St. Lucie West Homeowners?

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mold Damage Specialists are Trained to Perform St. Lucie West Mitigation

Mold on surfaces in a St. Lucie West home is a sign of deeper contamination that is only just starting to make itself known. This microbial proliferation can lead to potential health effects without thorough cleanup that prevents spores from spreading to other areas of the home.

SERVPRO professionals provide 24/7 mold damage cleanup for St. Lucie West properties, including structural repairs and contents restoration. Commercial-grade drying, sanitation, and odor control return mold-affected spaces to a pre-disaster state.

SERVPRO Mold Damage Cleanup Training and Education

SERVPRO’s commitment to thorough staff and franchise owner training is reflected in its wide array of modules that cover mitigation and restoration essentials such as:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Mold Mitigation
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

On top of initial staff and crew training, SERVPRO professionals also have access to e-Learning units that keep them up-to-date on restoration industry best practices. This self-paced education encourages and prepares technicians for further certification in mitigation practices that can help St. Lucie West property owners save time and money after a disaster.

SERVPRO also offers credit and non-credit courses and seminars for professionals working in adjacent industries, like insurance and real estate, to learn more about mold, fire, water, and other types of structural and contents damage. These programs focus on emergency mitigation and are also available for SERVPRO staff to expand their knowledge base.

SERVPRO of Port St. Lucie NE can be reached at (772) 266-2350 for cleanup that makes homes feel “Like it never even happened.”

Why is Professional Storm Damage Removal Necessary in Fort Pierce Homes?

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Offers a Fast and Dependable Storm Cleanup and Removal Service to Fort Pierce Residents

Storm damage removal from your Fort Pierce home needs to be done by professionals to minimize the impact and prevent any secondary issues. IICRC certified SERVPRO professionals effectively manipulate certain environmental factors to speed up the drying during water damage repairs.

SERVPRO water damage restoration experts use scientific methods to speed up the storm damage removal from your Fort Pierce home. Drying the structures as quickly as possible is the main goal while mitigating water damage after a storm. SERVPRO technicians effectively use factors like temperature, airflow, and humidity to speed up the drying process.

How SERVPRO Techs use Temperature to Accelerate Drying Process During Water Cleanup from Fort Pierce Home?

Temperature plays an important role in drying material during the water damage remediation process at your Fort Pierce home. SERVPRO technicians use heat to increase the rate of evaporation and speed up the movement of moisture through the material. The rate of drying can be increased by-

  • Increasing the air temperature- As hot air can hold more moisture compared to moist air, drying can be accelerated by increasing the temperature of the air in the wet areas. SERVPRO techs achieve this by using portable heaters during the water damage repairs.
  • Increasing the temperature of the surface being dried- If the surface temperature is cooler than the dew point, water from the moist air can deposit back onto the surface, thereby wetting it. Technicians ensure that there is a difference between the temperature of the air and the surface. The larger the difference, the faster the drying process.

Call SERVPRO of Port St. Lucie NE at (772) 266-2350 for a 24/7 water damage restoration service that you can trust.

Why Mold Damage Clean Up by SERVPRO is Smart in St. Lucie West

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is Available to Black Mold Damage Repairs and More in Your St. Lucie West Home!

Some people are born having a predisposition for health effects when subjected to mold. Because this is such a problem, it is essential to address mold issues within your home in St. Lucie West right away once you see the signs. SERVPRO is available to painstakingly handle all of your mold remediation needs so that your home will get Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

There are several significant reasons why it is better to call SERVPRO for mold damage in St. Lucie West. We can handle all sewage-related or water damage-initiated mold issues and keep all hazards to a minimum so that you can get back to your routine faster. Some of the top reasons why it is wise to call in our mold removal technicians include:

  • Mold remediation is potentially dangerous. Due to the health effects often brought on from exposure to black mold, it is better to let skilled technicians handle it.
  • We bring professional knowledge to each job. A DIY mold removal project could mean exacerbating the issue by disrupting spores that move throughout the home. Our crew follows IICRC guidelines for containment and careful clean-up.
  • Insider methods and industrial-grade equipment do the trick. Whether you have attic mold or you require bathroom mold removal, we bring HEPA vacuum cleaners, effective tools, and antimicrobial cleaning agents to each job.

There is no better remediation team for the job than SERVPRO of Port St. Lucie NE, when it comes to mold damage. Call us at (772) 266-2350!