Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fort Pierce Fire in a Garage

The stored oil products were not in approved containers, and the result was the burnt walls, door, and hanging insulation in this Fort Pierce garage. Our SERVPR... READ MORE

Devastating House Fire in Port St. Lucie

Most house fires can be quickly extinguished, causing damage to a structure without the need for demolition. The Before Photo illustrates a kitchen in Port St. ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Salvages Fire Damaged Port St. Lucie Residence

The soot, heat, and water from the extinguishing efforts left this house in Port St. Lucie in a messy and fire-damaged condition. SERVPRO FST fire and smoke dam... READ MORE

Restoring an Unwanted Fire from the Fireplace in this Port St Lucie Home

One of the risks of having fireplaces installed in our Florida community where operating them does not happen often is the possibility of buildup in the flues t... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Fire Damage

Of all places! A fire in the fireplace, as illustrated in the Before Photo, damaged this Port St. Lucie home. Flues generally do not get a lot of use in this ar... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Smoke Damage

Often homeowners are not aware of the fire-damaging effects of pervasive smoke circulation during a house fire. This Port St. Lucie home shows the deposits of s... READ MORE